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Girl-Kinders for Mental Health

One inspiring group of Girl-Kinders used their experiences with mental health to develop (and sustain!) a Girl-Kind project on wellbeing. Recognising the additional pressure people were under during the Covid-19 crisis they increased their online presence through new platforms and increased content. Below they share their thinking!

We were part of 2019’s Girl-Kind, we became involved in this through school however at the beginning we didn’t actually know what Girl-Kind was and we had never heard of it.

During Girl-Kind we gained many new skills and grew in confidence as we had to speak to many people and attend a celebration day where we met with the Mayor of Newcastle and many other people asking us questions about our chosen topic.

For our topic we chose the topic of mental health as we all haven’t had the best experiences with the support available for mental health so we all felt the services could do with a bit of improving and mental health needs to be more normalised and more open to talk about.

During lockdown we have continued to post on our Instagram and Twitter accounts, as we know during this challenging time people are struggling a lot more and the help just isn’t there for everyone.

Lockdown has been quite a challenge for all of us as we have not been able to see our families or our friends and there is a lot of uncertainty about our exam results. Before lockdown we only had an Instagram account however we decided as a group to set up a Twitter account. On this account we share mental health information and retweet posts, as well as including some uplifting quotes, as times like these can be very challenging and uncertain. On our Instagram account we post some helpful links or some websites that could be extremely helpful for everyone during these times.

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