Sarah Ralph is Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at Northumbria University. Her work, on the topic of media audiences, gender and celebrity, and gendered youth cultures, has been published in journals including  ParticipationsCelebrity Studies and Critical Studies in Television.  She is a Trustee of the Young Women’s Film Academy based in Newcastle.



Sarah Winkler-Reid is a Lecturer in Social Anthropology at Newcastle University. From the perspective of young people’s lives in school, she has published articles on value, care and success in school, race and humour, bodily dissatisfaction, sexual ethics, and friendship. Her work has been published in journals including Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Sociological Review and Ethnos.



Mel Gibson is an Associate Professor at Northumbria University specialising in teaching, research and outreach relating to comics, graphic novels, picture books and fiction for children. Her additional interest in memories of comics and comic-reading is shown by her book Remembered Reading: Memory, Comics and Post-War Constructions of British Girlhood, published in 2015.



Dianne Casey has worked in the community sector for over 25 years. Freelance creative facilitator, stand-up poet battling fibromyalgia, Dianne has advised projects throughout the UK about women’s empowerment and widening participation. An active member of ASSIST@AssistNetwork supporting businesswomen in Tees Valley and Tees Women Poets collective, Dianne currently leads our Teeside Girl-Kinding. 

Girl-Kind partners

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CLARA SHIELD. Director, Little Big Butterfly

Little Big Butterfly is a women-led community arts organisation focused on improving the well-being of children, young people and vulnerable adults. They do this through creative drama and film opportunities, engaging with hard-to-reach communities that would otherwise not engage in cultural activities.

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I’m Alex, Teaching Lead for Girl Kind.  I’m an Associate Assistant Headteacher at St Wilfrid’s RC College, Lead Practitioner of History and an SLE (Specialist Leader in Education).  I’m the Lead Coordinator of TMHistoryIcons and I present at national and international teaching and learning conferences.  My interests are history, research and gender. Myself and the school have been involved in Girl-Kind for three years and myself and the girls have loved every moment of it.

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Amanda has been with Girl-Kind since 2017, and Tessa since 2018.   Collaborating with Sarah and Sarah, they coordinate the schools based programme: running workshops, supporting the young women in their creative Girl-Kind pursuits, and organising the Day of the Girl Celebration. 

Meet the Girl-Kind Team